“One moment can change a day, one day can change a life, and one life can change the world”

Welcome to the professional world of Jeremy A. Roberts, DrBA,

a seasoned executive, entrepreneur, and dedicated community advocate with over 25 years of experience across marketing technology, economic development, and education. Navigate through my journey of transforming struggling businesses into profitable entities and advocating for empowered communities, locally in San Antonio and globally.

Discover the story of Dr. Jeremy A. Roberts from launching his first company at 19 to becoming a pivotal figure in corporate restructuring and community advocacy. Learn about his strategic approach to digital transformation and his commitment to his community.


Dr. Jeremy A. Roberts encapsulates a dynamic career blending technology with strategy to foster corporate growth and robust community initiatives as a distinguished marketing technology consultant, corporate executive, and community leader based in San Antonio, Texas.

With a career spanning almost three decades, Dr. Roberts has mastered the art of turning data-driven strategies into successful outcomes for both corporations and small businesses globally. As an executive who thrives on challenges, Dr. Roberts has revitalized numerous businesses and played a key role in legislative advocacy that supports small business growth and community development. Dr. Roberts’ expertise in digital transformation and strategic marketing has propelled organizations across various industries towards unprecedented success. His academic rigor and practical insights help bridge the gap for distressed companies through actionable digital strategies.

Professinal Journey

Early Career: Started his first company at 19 years old, stepping into the role of an entrepreneur with a vision for high-impact business solutions. Dr. Roberts has continuously ventured into diverse business arenas, from marketing consultancies to strategic roles at global technology giants.

Corporate Leadership: Excelled in various executive roles where he implemented revolutionary digital transformation practices to ignite stagnant and struggling enterprises by crafting digital strategic solutions that echoed across six pillars of transformation, improving customer experiential journeys and operational efficiencies.

Community Involvement: Dr. Roberts’ roles extend beyond business; as a board member for organizations like the American Red Cross and the San Antonio Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, along with the Small Business Advisory Commission and Airport Advisory Commission for the City of San Antonio, focusing on pivotal areas such as education, economic development, and community advocacy.


Dr. Roberts’ approach combines innovative technology solutions with strategic market insights to foster environments that encourage economic growth and community well-being.

Consulting Services

Leverage Dr. Roberts’ expertise in the following areas:

Digital Transformation Consulting: Transform your business with the latest in digital practices that streamline operations and enhance customer engagement.

  • Strategic Business Turnarounds: Revitalize your business framework with data-driven analysis and strategic redevelopment plans.
  • Educational Workshops and Speaking Engagements: Gain insights through tailored workshops or invite Roberts to inspire your audience at your next event.
  • Go-to-Market Strategies: Crafting precise market entry strategies and driving sales through meticulously planned go-to-market
  • Legislative Advocacy: Leading advocacy efforts that forge pathways for small business support through beneficial legislation.
  • Board Participation: As a member of various boards, Roberts influences critical decisions that shape the future of public and community services.